The story of the very first soy candle company in Denmark

It all began back in November 2007 in Denmark when CEO, Product Developer and owner Niina A. Frost was surfing on Google. She was looking for something completely different when she came across something called soy candles. She had never heard about those kinds of candles before but was intrigued to find out that even asthmatics and allergics were apparently able to burn these candles. Especially since she only in spring of the same year had been diagnosed with asthma during a trip to California in the United States.

Niina A. Frost did a lot of research, ordered some ingredients and made her first ever soy candle - which she still keeps the rest of to this very day. She had always had a passion for candles but had had to limit it due to her asthma. But now she discovered the many great benefits that soy candles have. She was very relieved that it was in fact working for her and she did not get any asthmatic or allergic symptoms from it. After a lot of more research she discovered that there were no soy candle company in Denmark. In fact the Danes had never even heard about such candles. She came across several Danish tests that showed how dangerous candles made of paraffin and stearin were and what kind of harmful ingredients the candle companies were using for their candles. Right away she knew that she had to do something to change peoples minds about these harmful candles.

So she immediately formed this very company on January 1st 2008 and started to spread the word about these new and healthy candles that even asthmatics and allergics could burn. She called her soy candle company Magick Moon Soy Candles. She had already some experience in the candle business from working in her parents candle business a few years earlier. Even though they had been making paraffin candles she was able to use her experience in her new soy candle business.

The same year she and her soy candle company were invited to the DR1 Aftenshowets Julemarked 2008, which was by invitation only. It was a Christmas fair at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen. In December of 2013 she changed the company name to Soys Ecologist Candles. Soys Ecologist Candles is a name that even more so shows our engagement for a cleaner and better environment - both indoors and outdoors. Since the very beginning in January of 2008 health, the climate and the environment have been our main concerns.

Since Niina A. Frost formed our soy candle company many people in Denmark, Sweden and Norway have discovered the many harmful ingredients that candles made from paraffin and stearin afgiver. Our soy candles are made from environmentally friendly and GMO free soy from natural soy beans. Our unscented and dye free soy candles can be burned by both asthmatics and allergics. But many of the asthmatics and allergics can also burn our scented soy candles. Niina A. Frost was happy to find out that she as well was able to burn the scented soy candles without any asthmatic or allergic symptoms.